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Step Up Rings Set - 49mm to 77mm (7pcs )
Step Up Rings Set - 49mm to 77mm (7pcs )

Step Up Rings Set - 49mm to 77mm (7pcs )

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Allows You to Fit Larger Size Lens Filters on a Lens with a Smaller Diameter 

Step-up rings provide a way to fit a larger diameter filter or accessory onto a smaller lens. The step-up ring screws onto your lenses threading and provide a larger thread where you can then attach other elements included more step-up rings.

NO NEED TO BUY MULTIPLE SETS OF LENS FILTERS -When you buy a new lens with a different diameter, you don't want to buy another set of filters for it.

DURABLE ANODIZED ALUMINUM -Each Lens Filter Adapter Ring is made of solid and light-weight anodized aluminum.

Great tightness, no wobbling or cross-threading.They will last much longer than plastic adapter rings.

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Sony, Fuji Camera lenses.

The first number is always the lens thread size, the second number is the filter size of the accessory. 

Package Include:
1 x 49mm-52mm Step-up ring
1 x 52mm-55mm Step-up ring
1 x 55mm-58mm Step-up ring
1 x 58mm-62mm Step-up ring
1 x 62mm-67mm Step-up ring
1 x 67mm-72mm Step-up ring
1 x 72mm-77mm Step-up ring